Bali Series (BWF)
Bali Series (BWF)

 Type: Residential
 Heat Exchanger: Cast Iron
 Fuel: Gas Fired (Natural or LP)
 Input: 61 - 229 MBH*
 Efficiency (AFUE): 82.0% - 83.3% **
 Venting: Direct Exhaust
 Ignition: Electronic Ignition
 Trim: Water
 Domestic Water: N/A
 Burner: N/A
 Configuration: Packaged
 Notes: Designed for installation on combustible floors.


The Bali Series (BWF) residential, cast iron, hot water boiler is a fully-packaged, installer-ready product. An integral fan permits 
venting directly through a wall. With the addition of a Category-1 Vent Kit, the Bali has the option of venting into some chimneys 
that are too small to vent an atmospheric boiler of the same input. 
The Bali Series is packaged with an electronic ignition system and has the option of either natural or LP gas.